Strengthen Democratic Institutions

Civics and Citizenship

Our administration will prioritize providing a robust and comprehensive civics education to young people and permanent residents who are preparing to become citizens. We will convene a new interagency taskforce spanning the Education Department and all relevant immigration and naturalization agencies, to promote and improve civics education at the state, local and national levels.

    • Civics. We will ramp up federal support for civics education in public K-12 education, working with Congress on bills like the CIViCS Act to provide states with direct aid.  Grants will support classroom education, service learning, and student-led civic initiatives.

    • Citizenship. In 2008, I issued an executive order to create a statewide plan for integrating new Americans and immigrants into the economic and social life of the Commonwealth.  We will do the same at the federal level and open an Office of New Americans in the White House to coordinate a comprehensive suite of programs and opportunities designed to positively integrate new Americans into our nation.

Responsibility for Online Content

Federal law currently immunizes large internet platforms from responsibility for the content they host.  These companies have proven themselves unwilling or unable to adequately prevent the proliferation of extreme hate speech and misinformation.  My administration will push Congress to amend the Communications Decency Act to impose accountability on the largest internet content providers so that those harmed may hold these platforms directly accountable for their carelessness.

Abolish the Electoral College

Amend the United States Constitution to eliminate the obsolete, eighteenth-century method we use to elect a President, and replace it with a simple national popular vote.  The Electoral College is not democratic and, today, no longer reflects the popular will.  Our leaders should be elected by a simple popular vote.  I will push for a Constitutional amendment to bring this about, and will support other efforts to assure that the popular vote determines the outcome through an interstate compact.

End Hyper-Partisan Gerrymandering

Voters should pick their representatives—not the other way around. We will promote efforts to limit hyper-partisanship in the process of drawing legislative districts by setting a national standard and establishing clear guidelines for drawing districts.

  • Our administration will work with Congress to pass a law requiring that each state draw Congressional districts through an independent, non-partisan body, according to a set of neutral standards such as compactness and population.

  • I will direct the Justice Department to challenge partisan gerrymandering to the fullest extent possible under the law.

Protect the Census

Reverse the Trump Administration’s political meddling in the census process and establish formal rules to protect the census from politics in the future.

Statehood for Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico

If the people of Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico wish to pursue formal statehood, they will have that chance during a Patrick administration and will be welcomed as states.

Ensure the Executive Branch is Never Above the Law

Support legislation that clarifies the President can be criminally prosecuted for breaking the law, including obstruction of justice.

Protect Candidates from Politically Motivated Investigations

Require that law enforcement agencies consult with non-political, career-lawyers within the Department of Justice before making any major investigation into a candidate for elected federal office, and provide notice of any investigative steps to the appropriate oversight offices and committees.

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